Right On Time is the newest LP from Pat Van Dyke, an all-instrumental record that puts the drummer-producer’s knack for genre-bending on full display. Rich with jazz, hip-hop, dub, and funk, the 10 track release is a major accomplishment for Van Dyke, who divides his time between producing records for others, composing for television, and honing his own music at home in New Jersey. It’s bright, contemplative, and eminently poised at every moment–a record that gives every groove ample time to grow.

Lead-off track “Opening Credits” spreads wah-wah guitar over an unflappable drum beat, setting the scene before the tight clockwork ballad “Clarity” stretches out with synth horns and what has to be one of the most laid-back rhodes lines ever set to tape. Through the hazy dub of “Science Fiction” and calm brushes of the title track, Right on Time builds in variety but remains uncomplex. This is gorgeous instrumental music made for those who treasure great playing. One gets the notion that Van Dyke and his bandmates get together and do this sort of thing every Sunday afternoon, that Right On Time is the outcome of a hundred chilled out jam sessions.

"what I perceive the PVD record to be is a jazz record that's probably produced by someone young enough to be raised on hip-hop.  There's records that scream at you to play them," he adds. "The PVD record just kind of yells, 'Yo, play me.'"  - Legendary DJ: Bobbito Garcia

"a warm and comfortable environment for a rap fan, while still adventurous (and gorgeous) enough to qualify as jazz."



"time to revise your list of must-listen-to records......Technicolor Hi-Fi blends beats from true-school hip-hop with timbres and textures from experimental electronic music, and nuanced jazz harmonies. PVD’s new record is a sonic collage of multiple styles and genres.Technicolor Hi-Fi doesn’t just show PVD’s chops as a drummer, it shows his prowess as a producer, composer, and bandleader.


"There's a kind of easy breezy chill factor to this album, good enough to be released on the fourth quarter of the year without getting swept up in the holiday and year-end list flurry. It's a pretty cool listen that you'll spin on repeat quite a few times."

Pat Van Dyke plays deep lilting grooves that ever so subtly change up as each section comes around never overshadowing the melody,   This great record crammed with greasy, grooving pockets, proving that less is really more.

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